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K = A × e^(-Ea / R×T )
K = Rate Constant
A = Frequency Factor
Ea = Activation Energy
R = Universal Gas Constant = 8.314 x 10-3 kJ mol-1 K-1
T = Temperature

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Arrhenius Equation Calculator

Arrhenius Equation Calculator
The Arrhenius equation represents the fraction of collisions that have sufficient energy to overcome the activation barrier (i.e., have energy greater than or equal to the activation energy Ea) at a given temperature T. It is used to determine the effect of temperature on the rate of the reaction.

What is an Arrhenius Equation Calculator?
The 'Arrhenius Equation Calculator' is a free online tool that calculates the rate constant in the Arrhenius equation for a reaction. In this calculator, you can enter the Activation Energy(Ea), Temperatur, Frequency factor and the rate constant will be calculated within a few seconds.

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