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`D_[AB]=[7.4×10^-8×(Φ×M_B)^0.5×T]/[μ×V_A^0.6] `
DAB = Diffusion Coefficient of Liquid Phase
        (Diffusion Coefficient of Solute A in Solvent B)
MB = Molecular Weight Of Solvent B
Φ = Association Factor of Solvent B
T = Absolute Temperature
μ = Viscosity of Solvent B
VA = Molal Volume of Solute A

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Diffusion Coefficient of Liquid Phase:
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Liquid Phase Diffusion Coefficient Calculator Diffusion can be defined as the net movement of two or more substances or substances from an area of higher concentration to a lower concentration. The diffusion coefficient can be defined as a factor that represents the proportion of a quantity of substance diffusing across a unit area in a unit time by a unit concentration gradient.
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