Rectangular to Polar Conversion Calculator

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For (x1, y1) and (x2, y2)
If (x1 > x2) then x = x1 - x2 else x = x2 - x1
If (y1 > y2) then y = y1 - y2 else y = y2 - y1
R = Sqrt(x2+y2)       Angle = tan -1(y/x)

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Rectangular coordinates


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Rectangular to Polar Conversion Calculator

Function Description
Cartesian coordinate system-polar coordinate system conversion

Enter the value, click "Calculate" and the result will be displayed.

The rectangular coordinates are (x, y), where x and y are the horizontal and vertical distances from the origin to the point.

The polar coordinates are (R, Q), where R is the distance between the starting point and the point, and Q is the angle between the positive direction of the x-axis and the point.

Calculation formula
Point 1 coordinates (x1, y1), point 2 coordinates (x2, y2)

If x1 > x2, then x = x1 - x2, otherwise if x2 > x1, then x = x2 - x1.

If y1 > y2, then y = y1 - y2, otherwise if y2 > y1, then y = y2 - y1.

Example of use
Input data: X1: 5; Y1: 8; X2: 3; Y2: 6,

Click "Calculate" to output the results.

Output result: polar coordinate R is 2.8284; angle is 45 degrees.

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