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`SSF=6/s × ( W_1/D_1 + W_2/D_2 + W_3/D_3 + W_4/D_4 )`
SSF = Standard Surface Factor
S = Specific Gravity of the Material
W = Fractional Weights of the Material
D = Average Diameters of the Material

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Standard Surface Factor (SSF):
Standard Surface Factor Calculator

Example of use
Input data: the specific gravity of the material is 0.8; the weight W1 is 0.5; the diameter D1 is 2; the weight W2 is 3; the diameter D2 is 4; the weight W3 is 5; the diameter D3 is 5; the weight W4 is 7; the diameter D4 is 9, click "Calculate" to display the results.

Output result: The standard surface area coefficient SSF is 7.5.

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