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Capacitance Frequency Inductance Calculator

Frequency inductance and capacitance calculation tool is a free capacitance and inductance frequency calculation tool. It is small and easy to use, with a simple interface. You only need to enter any two of frequency, inductance or capacitance, and you can easily calculate the other one. Help You save computing time.

Instructions for use
Frequency, inductance, capacitance, input: frequency-F; inductance-L; capacitance-C;

Inductor: passes DC and resists AC, passes low frequency and resists high frequency, its impedance XL=2πFL;

Capacitor: Passes AC resistance and DC, passes high frequency and resists low frequency, its impedance Xc=1/2πFC.

The characteristics of an inductor are exactly opposite to those of a capacitor. It has the characteristics of preventing the passage of alternating current and allowing the smooth passage of direct current. The resistance when the DC signal passes through the coil is the resistance voltage drop of the wire itself. When the AC signal passes through the coil, a self-induced electromotive force will be generated at both ends of the coil. The direction of the self-induced electromotive force is opposite to the direction of the applied voltage, hindering the passage of AC. , so the characteristics of the inductor are to pass DC and resist AC. The higher the frequency, the greater the coil impedance. Inductors often work together with capacitors in circuits to form LC filters, LC oscillators, etc. In addition, people also use the characteristics of inductors to create chokes, transformers, relays, etc.

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