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`Q_[o c]=0.246×10^-4([p_o-p_g]/[I n(r_e/r_w)])(K_o/[U_o×B_o])(h^2-h_p^2) `
Qoc = Critical Oil Flow Rate
po = Oil Density
pg = Gas Density
re = Drainage Radius of Well
rw = Well Bore Radius
Ko = Effective Oil Permeability
Uo = Oil Viscosity
Bo = Oil Formation Volume Factor
hp = Perforated Interval
h = Oil Column Thickness

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Critical Oil Flow Rate Calculator In last decades, by using advanced technology, different types of so-called accurate two-phase flow meters are introduced to oil and gas industries. By utilizing these two-phase flow meters on the well heads or manifolds, it was expected that exact amount of oil, gas, and water produced from each individual well to be calculated; however, in addition to inherent errors in this category of meters, due to economic issues (both Capital Expenditure, CAPEX and Operational Expenditure, OPEX) they are not broadly employed, yet. On the other hand, for dynamic reservoir management having production data from each well to some level of reliability is very important. So, using the empirical choke formula for estimating well rate is still common.
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