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The relationship between resistance and frequency

Resistance is the physical quantity that blocks the flow of current in a circuit, usually expressed in ohms (Ω). Frequency refers to the number of periodic events that occur per unit time, usually expressed in Hertz (Hz). In a circuit, there is a certain relationship between resistance and frequency.

First, we need to understand the difference between AC circuits and DC circuits. In a DC circuit, the direction of the current does not change and the voltage does not change, so the resistance value is constant. In an AC circuit, both current and voltage change with time, so the resistance value will also change accordingly.

In AC circuits, the resistance value changes with frequency. When the frequency is low, the resistance value is small and current can easily pass through the circuit. When the frequency is higher, the resistance value is larger and it is difficult for the current to pass through the circuit. This is because at high frequencies, current will produce electromagnetic induction in the circuit, causing changes in the resistance value in the circuit.

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