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`T_(1/2)=[T×Log2]/[Log[(AmtB)/(AmtE)]] `
`AmtE=[AmtB]/2^n `
`n=T/T_(1/2) `
T1/2 = Half Life
T = Elapsed Time
AmtB = Beginning Amount
AmtE = Ending Amount

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About the half-life calculator

The half-life calculator is used to calculate the half-life of exponential decay.

Half-life is the time it takes for a decaying substance to reduce by half. It is commonly used to describe quantities that undergo exponential decay (such as radioactive decay), where the half-life is constant throughout the lifetime of the decay, and is a characteristic unit of the exponential decay equation (the natural unit of the scale). However, half-life can also be defined for non-exponential decay processes, although in these cases the half-life changes throughout the decay process.

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