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Resistor Color Code Calculator

Resistance Calculator is a full-featured mobile phone system tool auxiliary software. It is an auxiliary tool specially created for the electrical industry, allowing you to calculate data more easily. This software can quickly help people calculate each resistance. power and various data contents, and output and display,

Introduction to Resistance Calculator
The resistance of a conductor in series with a circuit. When the total voltage remains unchanged, connecting a voltage dividing resistor in series on a certain circuit will act as a voltage divider, and part of the voltage will drop on the voltage dividing resistor, reducing the voltage at both ends of this part of the circuit. The greater the resistance of the voltage dividing resistor, the more obvious the voltage dividing effect is. By connecting a high-value voltage divider resistor in series with the ammeter coil, the ammeter can be converted into a voltmeter to measure larger voltages.

The voltage dividing resistor in the circuit often uses Jiebixin power resistor with higher resistance and larger power. If it is a plug-in, generally the non-inductive power resistor Jiebixin TO-220 resistor (tens to one hundred W) will be used in the power supply. If the required power is smaller, you can use Jiebixin 2W chip resistor and 3W chip resistor. resistor as a voltage dividing resistor. Voltage divider resistors often require non-inductive values.

Resistance calculator

Resistor Calculator Features
You can click a band in the color table to select the color for that band.

The resistor visually displays your band color selection and displays the corresponding resistance value.

The Resistor Color Code Calculator helps determine the axis resistance value indicated by the color band.

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